Mother’s Day at Toast

Welcome to the month of May!

Wow, just like that we are in our final month of Autumn. The weather down in the cove has been stunning, it almost seems like winter isn't around the corner. With the last of the warm, sunny days, many have come to visit East Perth to enjoy exercising and socialising in such a beautiful part of Perth. Over the weekend, we were particularly busy. Many families chose Toast for their Mother’s Day celebrations visiting us for breakfast or lunch with their loved ones. Our team was super busy making sure all of our guests had an enjoyable experience.

Many countries have different traditions to celebrate Mother’s and important maternal figures. For the month of May, we have decided to explore how different cultures and countries celebrate their mothers.


The Indian tradition also celebrates Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May. Children give their mothers surprise gifts, cook them a meal or take them out for lunch or dinner to show their appreciation for all that their mums do for them. Indian culture also celebrates Durga Puja. This is a ten day festival dedicated to Hindus honouring Durga, who is the goddess of mothers. This festival dates back to the sixteenth century. This is a time to dress up, decorate, dance, spend time with family and sing songs. This festival is held in the beginning of October.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, Mothers Day - also known as Mothering Sunday - is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This day comes from Christian tradition. In 2022, Mothering Sunday fell on the 27th of March. This dates back to the Middle Ages, when servants and workers were allowed to return home to see their families and Church. Workers would pick flowers on their way home to give to their mothers as a present upon arrival.


Bolivian Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 27th of May instead of the second Sunday of May. Día de la Madre is on this date to commemorate women first being involved in battle. In 1812, South America was trying to fight for their independence from Spain. Many of the men were dying, leaving the Bolivian women wanting to help. On the 27th of May, the women of Bolivia decided to arm themselves with small weapons and join the battle. Although many died, this date now commemorates the bravery and dedication of the women who lost their lives.

Thank you to those who came to Toast for Mother’s Day. We all hope you had a lovely day and that your loved ones felt loved and appreciated.

We hope to see you soon!