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Breakfast For Thought

Ever woken up to a beautiful sunrise, But just wanted to cure your hangover?

Lemuel Benedict did. With a good brunch.

In 1894 New York, Lemuel, worked as a stockbroker on Wallstreet, ordered “buttered toast, poached eggs, crisp bacon, and a hooker of hollandaise” at the Waldorf after a long night. The Maitre’ D named it after Lemuel after discovering how well it worked.

Since then, this American classic food has now evolved around the world. Especially in a little waterfront view café in East Perth located in the land down under.

At Toast, we have a whole section dedicated to curing the ailments of a night well spent.



Need I say more. Thank you. Lemuel Benedict.

The FLORENTINE with Spinach

Originating from the Italian city, Florence. A la Florentine is often as a dish served with spinach. We throw in a splash of fresh squeezed lemon juice and a little butter.

The KEVIN with Bacon

As a tribute to the iconic actor Kevin Bacon. With a last name like Bacon, how can you not.

Fun fact: It is said that everyone in Hollywood is only separated by 6 degrees of separation to Kevin Bacon.

The NORWEGIAN with Salmon

Norway has the first and biggest producers of Salmon. It produces half of the world’s salmon. And its rivers have the most abundant and diverse species of wild salmon.


Toasts talented regular Jill Yelland

Toasts talented regular Jill Yelland

There are not many days go by where you won't find Jill enjoying her Green tea by the water at Toast. Jill has been a regular at Toast for many years now and has been known to grab one of her favourite freshly baked muffins or during lockdown many of our housemade...

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Doug snaps up our new green smoothie

Doug snaps up our new green smoothie

When you think of March, surely you think of the colour green, right? That’s exactly what I’m thinking. For this issue of Toast’s flat white, we will look into the month of green. Firstly, I should introduce myself. I don’t mean to be rude (although a lot of humans...

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Valentine Toast Times

Valentine Toast Times

Thank you for everyone who came down with their friend, lover, or doggo to our quaint waterfront café in East Perth to celebrate the month of love. As we say goodbye to month of February, it is important to remember what love is. This month has given us the...

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