March 24, 2021

Doug snaps up our new green smoothie

When you think of March, surely you think of the colour green, right? That’s exactly what I’m thinking.

For this issue of Toast’s flat white, we will look into the month of green.

Firstly, I should introduce myself. I don’t mean to be rude (although a lot of humans would definitely argue this). I am the green machine himself… Doug, the crocodile. I am guest presenting this issue but I may be back in the future. You never know …

Toast’s waterfront location, makes it perfect for me to swim on up and wander up the stairs for some delicious breakfast in East Perth. When I am not restricted to my carnivore diet, I like to sample the delectable weekly specials on Toast’s blackboard. At the moment, I am loving the Breaky Platter, great to share although that’s not really in my nature.

*Did you know crocodiles on average eat only once a week but in extreme circumstances, crocodiles have gone up to two years without eating… Wow, wheres the fun in that? This beats other predators, such as my mate, the great white shark, which can go up to 6 months without eating.

Anyway, me talking about not eating, is making me super hungry. Let’s talk about Toast’s newest addition to the menu … The Green Smoothie … How appropriate, releasing this in the month of green and so close to St. Patricks Day. It looks a bit like me actually. I think the Toasties, should rename the smoothie to be in honour of me. This smoothie, will also leave you like a lean, green machine, like myself with the spirulina and kale. I challenge you to a swim off after drinking this with your brunch.

In other news as I have been waddling around the cafe, I also hear of news about the Easter hunt, which is to be hosted on Sunday, the 4th of April at 12 o’clock, but I already suspect you have seen the posters displayed. I will be attending but not to fear, I will not be stealing any of your beloved Easter eggs, You can keep those! I have my own crocodile eggs to care about. Hmmm… maybe I should  go back home and check on them but the brunch here is too yummy to swim back home.

However, when I am in the water doing my rounds, I keep swimming past Nauti Picnics and the Little Ferry Co. These guys are just the best, sometimes if I’m lucky they feed me some of their leftovers. If you want to dine in the water, just like how my pals do (and I should be doing), please snap to it (haha, get it?) and check these guys out.

Anyway, I must be off but please don’t shed any crocodile tears as I will return soon, I promise.

See you later, alligator,



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