Here’s a little bit more about our barista Miki

To kick off our Toast newsletter, we’d  like to introduce to you one of our newer additions to the barista team, Miki Sugioka.

You may already have seen Miki bright and early serving up her amazing coffees – so be sure to say hello. Before working at Toast, Miki travelled around the world, She’s made coffee in cafes in Japan and London and now we’re lucky enough to have her here at Toast. 

If you already know Miki, you may have noticed she is quite the fashionista. She’ll soon start her degree in Fashion Design & Merchandising at Central Tafe – so now you know who to ask for any fashion advice!

Here’s a little bit more about our barista Miki

  1. How long have you made coffees and where? 

Two years in London, two years in Japan and now 10 months in Perth.

  1. What do you like about making coffee?

I like to do latte art and I can see my improvement every time. And it’s simply beautiful. 

I have a passion for art but I’m not good at drawing so this is the closest thing to creating art as I can get. 

  1. What coffee order do you drink at the moment? 

An oat milk piccolo latte with chocolate powder on top

  1. What is a fun fact about yourself?

I can speak Korean, and even better than I speak English. But I have still never had a Korean boyfriend…

  1. What hobbies do you have (other than making coffee)?

Definitely travelling! I’m obsessed with vintage clothes. I love thrifting.  I also enjoy going to the museum and art gallery.

Recently I’ve started my own YouTube channel. I had only been in Perth for a month when COVID-19 hit. Of course I then had to stay home – so YouTube became something I could do. I enjoy making videos about the coffee culture in Perth and the life of a barista.

  1. Currently, what is your favourite staff meal on your break?

My go-to is the bruschetta always! 

But recently I’ve been loving the wild mushrooms on a bagel but with no feta. 

  1. What do you like best about working at Toast?

There are so many regular customers. It’s so nice to talk to them almost everyday and hear their stories. Toast almost feels like a family.

Compared to working in Japan, the culture is much more relaxed and I have more freedom in things I do. Everyone is very open and listens.I can share my ideas and be more creative in what I do. Toast is really unique and I can express myself individually and creatively – even through what I wear!

Also there are DOLPHINS! Claisebrook Cove has wild dolphins that I can see right from the coffee machine. At first I was a little bit shocked because I was the only person to be surprised to see the dolphins swimming in the Cove and all the other staff thought it was normal. So I am very lucky I can now see dolphins in my daily life 🙂 

Come down to the cove to say hi to Miki and the team


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